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It’s simple

Step 1: Purchase

Ordering the Webasto charging station is as easy as operating it. Simply create a customer account and select your charging station. You can add the pre-check straight away – and then complete the ordering process.

It won’t be long before our parcel service delivers the charging station to your home shipping address.

If you have ordered the pre-check – which we highly recommend – a Webasto-certified electrician will contact you to arrange a date for a on-site visit at your home.


Step 2: The Pre-Check

When charging, your electric car requires up to ten times more energy than a standard domestic socket can provide. The surroundings must comply with specific requirements and a reliable electricity supply must be ensured.

A Webasto-certified electrician will visit your home to carry out the pre-check. He will take a close look at the situation, because the individual on-site circumstances are of key significance to the installation. The safe commissioning of a charging station depends on many factors:

On which wall can the charging station be fitted? What is the distance between the parking space and the next available electricity connection? Where is the fuse box?

All of these items are thoroughly reviewed during the pre-check. Not all buildings, garages or parking spaces are the same, so our installation partner will therefore prepare an individual quotation for you. You can subsequently add this to your customer account.


Step 3: Installation

After you have added the installation quotation to your customer account the electrician will install your charging station during a further visit. This includes fitting the charging station to the wall, connecting it to the electricity network – and everything else that is necessary.

Perhaps it is necessary to install a separate electricity meter or make a wall breakthrough? All these activities will be quickly and professionally performed by a Webasto-certified electrician. It goes without saying that the required standards safety precautions will be taken.

You will then receive instruction in the use of your Webasto charging station. Of course, you are also welcome to contact us with questions at any time. We would be pleased to assist.