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No, you may only use the Type 2 (Mennekes) plug.
At the current time, all Webasto Charging Stations can only be operated with AC/three-phase AC current.
Our charging solutions are currently fitted with a charging cable and a Type 2 charging plug, which can be used to charge all vehicles having a Type 2 socket.
The Webasto Pure has a key switch which locks the charging column against unauthorised use. The Webasto Live has an RFID identification module.
No, one charging station can charge one EV.
To start the charging process, take the charging coupler from the Charging Station and plug it into the charging socket on your electric car. The charging process is started automatically by your electric car.

The Webasto Pure has the following advantages:

  • Adjustable charging capacity from 3.7 kW to 11 kW or 3.7 kW to 22 kW (depending on which charging capacity you order).
  • A 4.5 m cable with connectors
  • Faster charging than using a standard domestic socket (max. 10 A): up to 5x faster with the 11 kW variant and up to 10x faster with the 22 kW variant.
  • Simple and convenient operation
  • Highest electrical safety thanks to own fuse protection
  • Good price/performance ratio
  • High-quality workmanship
  • "Made in Germany" quality
The Webasto Pure meets all the minimum requirements for safe charging of an electric car. In contrast to the Webasto Pure, the Webasto Live has additional connection options, e.g. for communication with a back-end supplier and to implement energy/load management. The back-end can be used to access various services, such as a person-specific invoicing service, using a number of identification methods.
The Webasto Pure has a cable length of 4.5 m. Additional versions with different cable lengths and types of coupler are planned.
The Webasto Pure has no interfaces. The Webasto Live has GSM, LAN and WLAN interfaces, as well as an expandable MODBUS.
No; safety requirements mean that it is not permitted to use an adapter.
Basically, the variants differ in their charging capacity and the scope of the installation. In addition, different charging cables are fitted to the Charging Station, matched to the charging capacity. For the 22 kW variant, the installation requires higher fuse ratings and larger supply cable cross sections, among other things. There are also differences when it comes to the grid operators. Most grid operators only require notification of an 11 kW Charging Station, while a 22 kW Charging Station additionally requires approval. Variations in grid quality means that there are regional differences here between the individual operators.
The delivery package includes a stand, a cover, installation instructions and a screw kit for mounting an earth connection and the charging stations.
We offer single or double sided charging station stands.
The Webasto Stand offers burr-free holes to prevent damage to the cables. It also features a removable cover for easy installation. With a curved lid, you can be sure that water won`t pool on top either. In addition, a high level of safety is achieved through the earth connection and high corrosion resistance.
They are suitable for both the Webasto Pure and Webasto Live charging stations.
No. When purchasing a Charging Station you can add a pre-check via our online shop, in which a certified electrician checks your installation site and then creates an installation offer.
Yes, this is possible. Advice: You can benefit from a Webasto partner installation when you order a pre-check and then agree to the installation offer. Then, your charging station is installed by a certified electrician.
After you agreed to the installation offer within MyAccount our installation partner will contact you within two days regarding an appointment for the installation. Thank you that you have decided to accept our installation offer.
Please send an email to info.de@webasto-charging.com with your order number and your feedback or complaints regarding the installation. We are eager to improve our services for our customers.
The Webasto Charging Station can be installed both indoor and in the protected outdoor area and meets the IP54 protection class. In addition, the Charging Station can be stored at temperatures of -25 to +80 degrees Celsius and operated at temperatures of 25 to 55 degrees Celsius with 5-95% humidity.
The installation costs vary significantly depending on the conditions at the installation site, and are therefore determined by our installation partner on site during the pre-check. The precise installation price depends, for example, on the scope of the installation, on the distance of the Charging Station from the distribution board and on any through-holes that need to be made.
Webasto works with authorised electricians who have the professional prerequisites and experience to install charging infrastructure.
Yes. The Charging Station has to be mounted and the connection to the power distribution box needs to be established. Generally, the installation process is facilitated if the Charging Station is near the power distribution box.
An installation manual is enclosed with the delivery. Nevertheless, we point out that the installation may only be carried out by a qualified electrician and recommend the Webasto installation service.
The duty to register and/or have the installation approved is set out in the technical connection conditions of the respective energy supplier. Generally, charging points with a charging capacity >12 kW must be registered and approved before installation. The request to the energy supplier for registration/approval can only be carried out by an electrician authorised for approvals.
Depending on the scale of the charging capacity, the type of cabling for the connection cable and other environmental conditions, corresponding circuit breakers and a Type A earth-leakage circuit breaker (40/0.03 A) must be installed in the distribution board.
The Charging Station has an AC/DC-sensitive DC earth-leakage protection that protects the Type A RCD which is to be installed in the house wiring and which provides additional fuse protection for the connection cable to the Charging Station in the house distribution board. There is therefore no need for Type B earth-leakage protection.
The precise determination of the supply cable cross section depends on the type of cabling, the length of the cable and the charging current, and is determined on site by a qualified electrician. In most cases, 6 mm² is used for 11 kW while 22 kW requires 10 mm².
If you have selected the pre-check when purchasing your Charging Station, our installation service partner will be instructed when the Charging Station is shipped. They will contact you and arrange an appointment at which a Webasto-authorised, qualified electrician will initially check the conditions on site and record what needs to be done in order to install a Webasto Charging Station. The time taken for a pre-check depends on the scope of the site to be assessed, and will usually last around 1 hour. The electrician will then prepare a cost estimate for a regulation-compliant installation, which you can view and order in the online shop.
Order the pre-check in our online shop when purchasing your Charging Station! During the pre-check, an authorised electrician will thoroughly assess the desired installation location, advise you and draw up an estimate for a safe installation based on the findings. This ensures that the installation and connection will be suitable for safe operation and meet Webasto's high quality standards.
As part of a pre-check, an electrician who is specially trained and authorised in charging infrastructure will assess the conditions on site. Sometimes the entire power availability of the utility connection, the meter panel, the type of possible cabling and the desired location of the charging point are assessed to determine if a successful installation is feasible. Finally, and in addition to the pre-check, a cost estimate for the necessary work will be drawn up.
The pre-check is designed to ensure the installation is implemented safely and successfully.
The time taken for installation depends on the scope of the work to be carried out, and will usually last several hours. There are expansions to be made to the distribution board, cabling work and, in some cases, ground excavation to be carried out, depending on the installation site of the charging point.
The charging capacity can be set by an authorised electrician during the on-site installation, using the DIP switch.
The stand is suitable for mounting on a concrete foundation. Please refer to the enclosed installation instructions for the exact mounting steps and notes.
You can purchase the charging station via credit card (Mastercard, Visa) payment, PayPal, iDEAL and SOFORT Überweisung.
All products are shipped via our logistics partner UPS.
Take a look into your My Account to see the delivery status. You will receive a UPS tracking ID in order to track the shipment.
Delivery for the charging station costs 9,90 Euro and 29,90 Euro for the stand.

As soon as the Webasto charging product has left our central warehouse, you will receive a notification with a tracking ID so that you can track the shipment. UPS will then attempt to deliver your shipment to your specified delivery address. If UPS is not successful, UPS will try to deliver the shipment to your neighbour. If this is not possible, the shipment will be delivered to the access point and you can pick up your products on the same day. If the access point is too far away, UPS will try to deliver the products two more times. Please note that the Webasto stand cannot be delivered to an access point.

If you want to select the delivery date and location, we recommend that you register with UPS My Choice. You can register on the UPS home page or download the app to your mobile phone.

Please email us at business@webasto-charging.com. We look forward to your enquiry!
You can easily change your billing or shipping address in the "Address Book" in your account. Alternatively, you can send us an e-mail to service.de@webasto-charging.com.
To subscribe to the newsletter, you must register in our online shop. When registering, you can sign up for the newsletter, if you wish. You can subsequently change your "newsletter subscriptions" in your account.
The warranty claim in Germany is two years.
Please contact our hotline +800-CHARGING (0800-24274464) or send an email to service.de@webasto-charging.com. We will provide you with a new charging station. We do apologize for any inconvenience.
Yes, you may return the Charging Station within 14 days after hand-over and the pre-check within 3 working days prior to the scheduled date. Please contact our hotline or send an email to service.de@webasto-charging.com (DE) or service.nl@webasto-charging.com (NL) to get a free return shipping label.
You have 14 days to return your Charging Station. In case you want to return your charging station please contact our hotline or send an email with your return request to service.de@webasto-charging.com(DE) or service.nl@webasto-charging.com (NL). After the acceptance of your return request Webasto will send you a return label via email. Simply stick the return label to the top of the box, then bring it to the nearest UPS parcel station. It can take up to 14 days to fully refund your order.
Please contact our hotline via +800-CHARGING (0800-24274464) in case you want to return your charging station. In addition, you can send an email with your return request to service.de@webasto-charging.com (DE). After the acceptance of your return request you will receive a return label via email.
Yes, in case of a return, a reimbursement of the paid pre-check is not possible.

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