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Product Information
No, one charging station can charge one EV.
Yes, you connect the plug to your car and and the charging process is initiated automatically.
The Webasto Pure has a more compact size. Our charing station is significantly cheaper than competitor products. Additionally, Webasto provides an installation service and a 24/7 service in case of inquiries or problems.
PNC means "Plug n Charge". This means, that the charging process instantly starts when you connect the plug with your car.
For Webasto Pure we offer one cable length: 4.5 m There will be different versions of Webasto Pure with more cable lengths coming soon. Please do not use cable extensions. By law, due to compatibility and security reasons the cable must not be extended.
No, you may only use the Type 2 (Mennekes) plug.
The installation itself takes about 30 min (i.e. mounting the charging station), the entire installation depends on local conditions because construction measures often are necessary. You will need to be present.
No. When purchasing a charging station you can add a pre-check via our online shop, in which a certified electrician checks your installation site and then creates an installation offer.
Yes, this is possible. Advice: You can benefit from a Webasto partner installation when you order a pre-check and then agree to the installation offer. Then, your charging station is installed by a certified electrician.
After you agreed to the installation offer within MyAccount our installation partner will contatct you within two days regarding an appointment for the installation. Thank you that you have decided to accept our installation offer.
Please send an email to info.de@webasto-charging.com with your order number and your feedback or complaints regarding the installation. We are eager to improve our services for our customers.
The Webasto charging station can be mounted both indoors and outdoors and meets the IP54 protection class. It is touch and splash proof.The charging station is equipped for operation air temperatures from -25 to +55°C.
In addition to the cost of the charging station, the price of the installation is highly variable. The exact cost depends on your current electrical installation, the distance between parking lot and the distribution box and whether there is need for additional construction work such as drilling and trenching. Our electrician will determine the required time and materials during the pre-check to give you a concrete price indication
Webasto works together with certified electro installation companies that are covering the whole coutnry.
Yes. The charging station has to be mounted and the connection to the power distribution box needs to be established. Generally, the installation process is facilitated if the charging station is near the power distribution box. If you order the pre-check for your charging station our certified installation partner will get in contact with you to get more information on your location and define together with you the necessary construction measures.
Yes, of course, but we recommend you to hire a skilled technician, preferably a Webasto-certified electrician.
Charging Station in Use
You stop the charging process by pressing the OFF button (touch sensor on the harging station housing). The plug remains locked by car while charging. You need to double-click with the keyfob to release the plug. The charging station initiates to release the locking from car socket in case of a power blackout.
When used properly the charging process has no dangers - even when it rains. All electrically live contacts are isolated. Dangers may only occur if your charging station has not been installed by a certified electrician. That is why we recommend you to order our pre-check and installation service to guarantee a secure installation.
The charging process for Webasto Pure is authorized by key switch authorization. Start the charging process by simply connecting the charging plug to your EV. The charging process starts automatically and lasts until the battery is fully charged. The plug is locked by car while charging.
No, you may only use the Type 2 (Mennekes) plug.
You can observe the charging status on the LED light column on the cover of your Webasto Pure which changes from red to green. Blue means "ready", green means "charging". The exact state of charge can only be shown by the vehicle.
You can clean the housing of your charging station by using a moist cloth. In case of persistent stains you may use a mild, solvent-free, non-abrasive detergent.
Yes, however you may only laminate, draw or paint the housing of the charging station.
1. Please check LED lighting on the charging station. In case the LED off, please check the fuse in your switch cabinet. It might be possible, that the fuse just need to be switched on again.
2. Is the key switch activated/on? If no, please activate it.
3. In case these steps do not solve the problem please call call our hotline +800-CHARGING (00800-24274464) or send an email to service.de@webasto-charging.com.
It depends on the colour:
BLUE : operating mode "ON"/"ready for use"
BLUE dimming: charging completed, charging station is waiting for user action, e.g. disconnecting the charging cable
GREEN dimming: the EV stopped/paused the charging process
RED blinking: failure alert, charging cannot be initiated, the blinking pattern indicates failure code (see manual)
GREEN AND RED alternating: temperature too high, EV is charging, however, charging capacity reduced to 11 kW
Alternatively, check manual instruction guide.
Please send an email to service.de@webasto-charging.com (DE) or service.nl@webasto-charging.com or call our hotline +800-CHARGING (00800-24274464). We will provide you an answer soon.
In case of the Webasto Pure you can only prevent third-party access with the key switch.
We offer the new charging station Webasto Pure to our customers. In combination with the Webasto Pure you can order a pre-check. This pre-check will be executed by our certified installation partners in order to check the on-site conditions and create an installation offer for you.
From now on, you can purchase our charging station Webasto Pure. We will extend our product line in 2018 with the Webasto Next and Webasto Go. In 2019 the Webasto Life will be launched.
You can order our charging station Webasto Pure in our online shop from now on.
You can order only one charging station per purchase. If you would like to purchase another charging station, you can order it directly from your "MyAccount". Here you will find the button "Buy a new box" in the Dashboard.
Unfortunately not. In order to make you an individual installation offer, a pre-check by our electrician is necessary to verify your local building and electrical installation. Based on your actual installation requirements, you will receive an offer for the actual cost of the installation. The pre-check can only be ordered together with the charging station.
You can purchase the charging station via credit card (Mastercard, Visa) payment, PayPal, iDEAL (only NL) and SOFORT Überweisung (only DE).
You can purchase the charging station via credit card, PayPal or iDEAL (NL) and SOFORT Überweisung (DE) in MyAccount in the Online Shop. An order acknowledgement will be sent directly. You will receive an invoice within a few days.
The charging station is shipped via UPS.
Take a look into your My Account to see the delivery status. You will receive a UPS tracking ID in order to track the shipment.
The standard shipping costs 4.90€ and the express shipping 9.90€ in Germany.
As soon as the charging station has left our central distribution center, you will receive a notification with a tracking ID so that you can track the shipment of your charging station. UPS will then try to deliver your charging station to your specified delivery address. If UPS does not succeed, he tries to deliver the charging station to the neighbor. If this is not possible, the delivery will go to the UPS Access Point, where you can pick up your charging station on the same day. If the UPS Access Point is too far away, two more delivery attempts will be made to your specified delivery address. If you wish to coordinate the day and place of delivery, we recommend that you register with UPS My Choice. You can register on the homepage of UPS or download the app to your mobile phone.
My Account
Your name, address, phone and email are required for us to deliver the charging station to your home.
You can easily change your billing or shipping address in the "Address Book" in your account. Alternatively, you can send us an e-mail to service.de@webasto-charging.com.
To subscribe to the newsletter, you must register in our online shop. When registering, you can sign up for the newsletter, if you wish. You can subsequently change your "newsletter subscriptions" in your account.
The warranty claim in both Germany and the Netherlands is two years.
Please contact our hotline +800-CHARGING (0800-24274464) or send an email to service.de@webasto-charging.com. We will provide you with a new charging station. We do apologize for any inconveniences.
Yes, you may return the charging station within 14 days after hand-over and the pre-check within 3 working days prior to the scheduled date. Please contact our hotline or send an email to service.de@webasto-charging.com (DE) or service.nl@webasto-charging.com (NL) to get a free return shipping label.
You have 14 days to return your charging station. In case you want to return your charging station please contact our hotline or send an email with your return request to service.de@webasto-charging.com(DE) or service.nl@webasto-charging.com (NL). After the acceptance of your return request Webasto will send you a return label via email. Simply stick the return label to the top of the box, then bring it to the nearest UPS parcel station. It can take up to 14 days to fully refund your order.
Please contact our hotline via +800-CHARGING (0800-24274464) in case you want to return your charging station. In addition, you can send an email with your return request to service.de@webasto-charging.com (DE). After the acceptance of your return request you will receive a return label via email.
Yes, in case of a return, a reimbursement of the paid pre-check is not possible.



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